Most practitioners have found that having custom-made, “client-specific” formulas are the most effective for their clients. The individualized attention to the herbal energetics, the freshness of the formula and the loving care with which the formula was designed and prepared cannot be matched.

We have discovered that we truly enjoy working with herbs. Designing and preparing an herb formula that will bring healing to a client is very rewarding. Our belief that Ayurvedic clients deserve the best that herbs have to offer has prompted us to start a company making customized herbal formulas. This includes medicated ghees, oils, nasyas, salves and teas in addition to churnas and capsules. In order to ensure the quality of care and appropriateness of the herbal orders, we are offering this service to Ayurvedic practitioners only. All individualized orders will be made to your exact specifications, labeled according to your instructions and mailed (priority) to your office for your distribution, or directly to your clients. Also, we will bill either your office or your client directly according to your instructions. However, all herbal formulas must come directly from you to start the process.

Our promise to you and your clients is that all herbal orders will be received, handled and prepared with loving hands in a conscientious, balanced and clean environment. We will respect and honor the traditional Ayurvedic methods of preparation of all types of formulas. Most orders will be shipped within forty-eight hours.

If you are interested in purchasing your customized herb formulas from a reputable Ayurvedic practitioner and herbalist, please review the enclosed materials. You may call or email us for further information. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and assisting you in your Ayurvedic practice.

Richard Fisher, Ayurvedic Herbalist

While much of this website is dedicated to supporting Ayurvedic practitioners and assisting them in designing “client-specific” formulas - I also prepare pre-made formulas and products - designed to assist anyone looking for a more balanced physical and emotional lifestyle. Please look in that section for formulas for relaxation and sleep, aids for digestion, elimination and cleanse needs, tonics and rejuvenation.

The knowledge held within Ayurveda's 5000 year old history can be applied very simply and slowly - sometimes with quite remarkable effects. It can also assist you in a complete lifestyle change - depending on your specific needs and desires.

If you do need a practitioner for a complete consultation - there are many practitioners that I work with regularly and can recommend that can help guide you through this journey.