Richard Fisher

My first interests and the beginnings of my studies with herbs, diet, and alternative healing modalities dates back to the mid 1970's when my first introductions into vegetarianism, fasting, and the use of herbs lead to an awareness that I could make an alternative, more conscious choice as to my own healthcare. I have been working with (or playing with) herbs and food ever since.

I ended up in Grass Valley, California after many years of self- study, some travel, and raising a family. I was blessed to work at the College of Ayurveda in northern Ca. – and became the director of the herb dept. Preparing formulas as well as teaching workshops was a joy in that school environment. I learned a great deal there - met many truly wonderful students, teachers and practitioners and have maintained a friendship with many of them.

I left there to create a private Ayurvedic pharmacy - a place where Ayurvedic practitioners can design formulas of all types – tuned to their individual clients needs. Organic, fresh, and prepared in a beautiful environment in the Sierra foothills – it is an honor to do this work.


Richard Fisher, Ayurvedic Herbalist