Medicated Ghee

The process involved in making medicated ghees goes back thousands of years - and we at Ayurveda Heling Herbs (Herbs of Ayurveda) strive to create ghees using these same methods.

First, the correct, organic herbs are cooked in pure, spring water. This allows for all of the water soluble characteristics to be extracted from the herbs. Once the water has been reduced - we add organic ghee. The cooking continues - allowing for all of the oil soluble qualities of the herbs to be extracted. Even in the small batches we prepare - this process takes many hours. At just the right stage, the herbs are then strained from the ghee - leaving a wonderful blend of all the qualities of the herbs - infused with all of the medicinal qualities of the ghee itself. Ghee is widely considered to be the best “carrier” when striving to bring healing to the deep tissues of the body.

Never refrigerate your ghees - as this can cause condensation within the jar. Always use clean, dry utensils to dip into your ghee. Any moisture can cause spoilage.

Custom “client-specific” ghees also available - created with the exact herbs and proportions your clients require.

Medicated Ghees

Name Ingredients Price
Ashwagandha Ghee This ghee is a wonderful, rejuvenative tonic. An excellent strength builder, also has nervine qualities. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Brahmi Ghee A wonderful, nurturing, balancing brain tonic. Good for meditation and revitalization. Tridoshic. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Calamus Ghee Used nasally. This can be an aid to the mind for focusing, concentration, and communication. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Chamomile Ghee This ghee tastes great, and can be used in hot water as a tea, or added to other tea formulas. Chamomile is long known for its calming and relaxing characteristics. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Cinnamon / Cardamom Ghee This incredibly tasty ghee is an excellent digestive aid. Use a teaspoon in hot cereal, spread it on toast, muffins, or in hot water as a tea. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Ginger Ghee Warming, a wonderful digestive aid. Use it by the stove for cooking and sautéing or with meals as a delicious condiment. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Gotu Kola Ghee Similar to Brahmi Ghee. Also recommended for use as a detox formula for the Brain. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Lavender Ghee Calming, soothing, cooling, and fragrant. This aromatic ghee can be taken plain, in hot water as a tea or try adding it to foods such as rice. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Rose / Shatavari Ghee A beautiful blend with all of the nurturing characteristics of Shatavari and Rose. Wonderful aroma and taste. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Rose Ghee Wonderful aroma and taste. This ghee helps open the heart chakra. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Shatavari Ghee Tonifying, rejuvenative. Unsurpassed for the female reproductive system. Can be taken orally or as an excellent demulcent / lubricant, nurturing mucous membranes for vaginal dryness. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Tikshna Ghee This Kapha reducing ghee is warming, stimulating and demulcent in nature. It is also very effective for increasing agni.

Ingredients: Licorice, Chitrak, Ginger, Turmeric, Pippali, Musta
$35.00  / 9 oz.
Tikta Ghee Cleansing, bitter, cooling. This “bitter” ghee is often used before and during Pancha Karma detoxifying processes. Particularly good for excess Pitta.

Ingredients: Kutki or Kalmegh, Gaducchi, Neem, Bayberry, Triphala
$35.00  / 9 oz.
Tridoshic Rasayana Ghee Strengthening, tonifying, rejuvenative and sweet. Effective for all 3 doshas. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Triphala Ghee All of the cleansing and tonifying characteristics of Triphala infused into all of the wonderful benefits of ghee. Tridoshic. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Turmeric Ghee Can be used to cook with or as a table condiment. The ghee delivers the Turmeric to the deepest tissues of the body. $35.00  / 9 oz.
Vata / Pitta Rasayana Ghee This ghee builds ojas. Especially beneficial if weakness and drying in the body are a concern. Can be taken plain, or can be stirred into a cup of warm milk. You can also add 1/4 tsp. ginger to the drink to raise agni.

Ingredients: Ashwagandha, Guducchi, Licorice, Amalaki
$35.00  / 9 oz.
Vitex Ghee Vitex has a long history of treating female hormonal conditions and menstrual disorders such as PMS, and hot flashes. $35.00  / 9 oz.

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All our ingredients are organic whenever possible. We use cut and sifted herbs as well as powders so your ingredients can be freshly ground just for your formula. Oils currently available are organic food grade sesame, sunflower, almond, coconut and organic essential oils. We use organic ghee. We are open to your inquiries about adding other custom choices and special needs.